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At Business Law House we support foreign entrepreneur that conduct their day-to-day businesses in Poland, those that are part of a financial holdings, as well as entrepreneurs that are looking for an opportunity to invest in Poland.

Our long-standing experience in working with foreign entrepreneurs and investors, particularly from Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, as well as our knowledge of market, cultural and legal similarities and differences, allows us to look at the needs of businesses with foreign capital from the right perspective.

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Here is what we do to support our foreign Clients:

  • We provide comprehensive legal services on an ongoing basis.
  • We provide services for foreign investments in Poland, such as setting up a legal entity in Poland.
  • We provide drafts, evaluations and negotiation of investment agreements.
  • We conduct due diligence investigations.
  • We conduct the processes of legal acquisition, merger or transformation of companies.
  • We provide representation in legal proceedings and conducting negotiations in order to reach a settlement.
  • We provide tax advisory services such as:
  • tax assessment and tax optimalization;
  • providing representation in legal disputes with the Revenue Office;
  • conducting tax audit;
  • drafting and submitting a request for an individual tax ruling;
  • implementing tax relief on R&D activities and IP Box.
  • We provide legal support in Commercial Law and Labour Law.
  • We provide legal support in New Technologies Law.
  • We support our Clients in matters involving Property Law.
  • We provide corporate advisory and compliance services.
  • We assist our Clients in disputes regarding contractual and non-contractual liability.
  • We provide legal support in Family Law matters, especially handling cross-border disputes regarding legal custody or divorce cases.

We offer legal assistance in English and German.

Soft landing

A special solution that we would like to address to clients planning to launch their business in Poland is the Soft Landing package. What do we offer?

  • We diagnose our Clients’ individual needs and expectations, as well as offering our recommendations based on our best knowledge and experience.
  • We advise our Clients which type of business establishment is most favourable for them.
  • We draft the articles of association that will provide adequate legal security for shareholders and management. 
  • We arrange the internal organisational structure in a way that complies with current legislation and reflects the actual division of roles between the various members of the staff. 
  • We present different options for setting remuneration for the shareholders and management.
  • We support the shareholders and management in fulfilling their legal obligations.
  • We present the principles on liability of the Members of the Board.
  • We advise to choose the appropriate taxation form.
  • We assist in establishing the company's accounting service and coordinate relations with the Revenues Office as well as the Social Insurance Institution.
  • We provide individual courses and prepare manuals in a form of a brief e-book.

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